Liza Manalo Mapagu

Liza Manalo-Mapagu

Founder and CEO

Touted as the country’s assessment guru, Liza carved her niche in talent assessment with a 35-year experience in measurement, research and evaluation, HR technologies, and talent management consulting across industries in the Philippines and overseas. She has more than 17 years of experience as a CEO, and has a track record of success in establishing and leading HR consulting firms.

Liza is a BS Psychology graduate from the University of Sto. Tomas, with a Master’s Degree in Measurement and Evaluation at De La Salle University. She also earned academic units in a PhD course in Research and Evaluation at the University of the Philippines.

A licensed Psychometrician, she has garnered international certifications as a trainer in Psychometrics (Levels A and B), Competency Development, and Assessment and Development Center (ADC).

Gen. Jose Z. Mabanta (ret.)

Co-founder and COO

With over two decades of experience in the military and private organizations, Jose has proven his track record in managing companies and leading them to success. As the former Head of HR of the Philippine Army, he set up the Army Personnel Management Center after he earned his Master’s degree in Management Studies, Major in Human Resources, in New South Wales, Australia.

A retired two-star General, he garnered Outstanding Alumnus Award at De La Salle University for Military Service and Sports. He remains to be active in security consulting and currently sits on the board of various companies.

Gen. Jose Z. Mabanta
Ching Abello

Ching Abello

VP for External Affairs

Ching has a 20-year experience in HR, managing HR consulting companies specializing in talent acquisition and assessment, and has set up three recruitment companies as Managing Consultant for Business Development.

A licensed Psychometrician, she has also earned certifications as an Assessor for Assessment Center and Development Center. She is a graduate of Bachelor of Science Major in Psychology at St. Scholastica’s College.

Mark Flores

Director for Capability Development

Mark has more than 25 years of experience in HR and Organization Development (HROD), both in the public and private sectors. 

He has worked with several projects under the United Nations Development Program, United States Agency for International Development, and the European Union. He has worked with Australian AID initiatives for 15 years under the Australian Embassy Manila, among which included his last post as Deputy Director of the Philippines Australia Human Resource and Organizational Development Facility (PAHRODF).

As an L and D practitioner, he has led learning and development programs and strategies in the US, as well as in various countries in the Asia Pacific and European Regions. He is also a subject matter expert at the Civil Service Institute and is currently the President of the Organization Development Practitioners Network (ODPN) in the Philippines and a member of International Association of Facilitators.

Mark Flores
Bong Austero

Bong Austero

VP for Marketing and Communications

Bong C. Austero, is a thought leader in people management. He was 2011 President of the People Management Association of the Philippines. He has more than 40 years of experience in human resource management in various settings.

Prior to early retirement in 2020, he was Senior Vice President and Head of HR of the Philippine National Bank.He was columnist at the op-ed pages of the Manila Standard Today for ten years, and has been connected with the De La Salle-College of St. Benilde as senior lecturer for its Human Resource Management Program for more than two decades now.

Brett Medel

Information Technology Consultant

Brett has 30 years of leadership experience in the IT Industry under his belt, and has served as CIO for various private multinational and local companies for 15 years.

He is the former Head of Solutions Consulting Team of ePLDT, Group CIO of ePLDT, and Group CIO of The Medical City, and has successfully led the digital transformation initiatives of these companies.

Brett is a true blue Atenean, with a BS Management Engineering degree. He also completed a Digital Transformation online course from the University of Virginia & Boston Consulting Group.

Brett Medel
Jamie Mabanta

Jamie Mabanta

Associate Director – Consulting Services

For the last five years, Jamie has been managing the implementation of Assessment and Development Centers and other projects requiring training and consulting in ASEAMETRICS.  She has developed expertise in competency profiling, designing ADC materials, and training of Assessors toward certification.  

She graduated from Ateneo de Manila University with a degree in AB European Studies, major in International Business, minor in Germanic Studies, and earned her Master’s degree in International Business at ESSCA School of Management in France. 

Prior to ASEAMETRICS, she worked in the retail and marketing industries in France and Morocco. 

Erick Savadera

Head of Research and Analytics

Erick is a licensed Psychometrician with 5-years consulting experience in research, test development and instrumentation, both for the academe and private institutions.   

Prior to his industry post, he was the Head of the Psychology Department of FAITH Colleges, where he graduated with Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. He also earned academic units in M.S. Psychology Major in Human Development at the De La Salle University.  

He currently heads the research and analytics department of ASEAMETRICS and also oversees the “asianization” of HR Avatar online assessment and implementation of ASEAMETRICS’ Customer Success Program, through the conduct of business outcome studies.   

Erick Savadera