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ARTICLE l October 13, 2022

Quiet quitting and quiet firing, what is it?

Over the last couple of weeks, “quiet quitting” trended and gained massive attention on social media and other platforms…

Remote Work
ARTICLE l April 13, 2022

Making Sense of Hybrid Work Arrangements: The Good, The Bad, and The Dirty Work for HR

As the world begins to exit the COVID-19 pandemic, hopefully for good this time around, the general sigh of…

ARTICLE l March 17, 2022

ASEAMETRICS CEO selected as part of 100 Most Influential Filipino Women on LinkedIn for 2022

We are proud to announce the inclusion of our President and CEO, Liza Manalo Mapagu, as among the 100 Most Influential Filipino…

ARTICLE l December 10, 2020

ASEAMETRICS marks milestone in promoting meaningful employee engagement by becoming first Corporate Rotary Club in the Philippines

Led by its President and CEO Liza Manalo Mapagu, a staunch Rotarian distinguished for her peace advocacies…


TalentProfile 2022

TalentProfile™ helps organizations fast-track competency development through the design and
development of tailored competency frameworks.


TalentMatch™ is an integrated and automated end-to-end solution that ensures hiring the right
people for specific organizational needs.

TalentTrack™ helps move the right people up the organization through assessment of behaviors, potentials, and capabilities.

TalentDev 2022

TalentDev™ answers learning and development needs through flexible, customizable, and self-
directed learning, powered by Udemy, the world’s largest e-learning content provider and
management system.

TalentShift 2022

TalentShift™ based on bestselling books, The Arbinger Institute Outward Mindset programs
offers a proven and tested approach to solving mindset problems.


Talent Care™

TalentCare™ solution helps build safe, nurturing cultures while addressing pressing people-
issues such as mental health, ultimately impacting engagement and productivity.


Talent Care™

TalentCare™ solution helps build safe, nurturing cultures while addressing pressing people-
issues such as mental health, ultimately impacting engagement and productivity.


Simon Lloyd D. Restubog, PhD


October 28, 2022
9:00 AM to 11:30 AM

SPEAKER: Simon Lloyd D. Restubog, PhD

Professor, School of Employment and Labor Relations and Department of Psychology
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

Aseametrics Talent


October 24, 2022 to February 8, 2023

Fostering an Eco-System Approach to Learning

In-Person One-day Outward Mindset Program


“Our expertise in integrating technology into our solutions comes in handy in supporting the need of the industry to continue with HR Operations in the midst of a pandemic.”

Liza Manalo-Mapagu

Founder and CEO


We are a consulting firm at the forefront in the delivery of strategic and integrated solutions that build capabilities, create value, and deliver results.

We are experts at providing technology-based solutions that enable and ennoble people and organizations to perform at their peak.

Our Value Propositions

Value Creation: We identify and measure the metrics of success, and show the value created from the partnership through business outcome studies, and ROI analysis.

Agility: Our solutions are continuously developed based on the needs of the market, using the latest technologies. We offer customized service packages depending on the requirements of the company.

Loyalty: Our track record for client partnership has been proven by our very high customer service ratings and client retention rate.

User Experience: We design our products and services based on user experience (UX). The solutions that we offer are user-friendly, and the customer service that we provide is unparalleled.

Experience/Expertise: We have a combined experience of 15 years on HR Consulting and Technology Integration.



We have an employee who is reported to have emotional problems. Her colleagues and
superiors report incidents when employee seems to go on extended mood swings, during which
time she is uncommunicative, irritable, has crying fits, and goes into isolation. Her performance
is affected and people are wary of her. A number of her colleagues and her superior have tried
to reach out to her and suggested that she attend counseling, but she refuses insisting that
there is nothing wrong with her. What do you suggest we do?

Mental health issues can be difficult to manage. This is why organizations must focus on
normalizing mental health concerns so that people can talk about it openly, stigma is reduced,
and help can be made available to those who need it. We suggest that you develop a mental
health strategy that covers educational programs, support programs, and care for people who
are experiencing mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, etc. Most organizations
simply focus on care – when symptoms are already present. It is best to have a holistic
approach that includes prevention and education, such as eliminating or reducing factors that
create mental health conditions like toxic work environments, lack of work-life balance,
uncertainty or insecurity over career, etc. Denial is a common response among those who suffer
from mental health, which is why you need to come up with a policy or guidelines which should
prescribe the protocols that will address such situations. In ASEAMETRICS, our policy allows
superiors to book employees for counseling. Usually, non-threatening and non-confronting
counseling services such as phone or text counseling are more acceptable to employees who
do not want to be tagged or identified as having mental health conditions. Please let us know if
you need help in setting up your mental health strategy. We can also send you materials on
mental health and mental health strategies. Good luck!

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